Explanation About Custom Handle Boxes
Explanation About Custom Handle Boxes
how to design your own custom handle boxes and their applications across different industries.

Explanation About Custom Handle Boxes

Custom handle boxes are a popular packaging option for businesses looking to enhance their brand identity and add convenience for their customers. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of boxes, discussing what they are, their advantages, the different types available, and the materials used in their production. We'll also take a look at the customization options available, how to design your own custom handle boxes and their applications across different industries.

What are Custom Handle Boxes?

They are boxes with an added handle for easy carrying. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes and are customized to suit the needs of each business. They are typically made of durable materials such as cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated fiberboard, which ensure the safety of the products they carry.

Advantages of Custom Handle Boxes

The use of handle boxes offers several advantages for both businesses and consumers. Some of these benefits include:

  • Convenience: It makes it easier for consumers to carry their purchases around without the risk of dropping or damaging them.

  • Brand identity: Handle boxes provide an opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand identity through customized designs, colors, and logos.

  • Durability: The materials used in the production of handle box are strong and durable, ensuring that products are safely transported without damage.

  • Eco-friendliness: Boxes can make from eco-friendly materials such as recycled cardboard, reducing the environmental impact of packaging.

Types of Custom Handle Boxes

There are several types of handle box available, each with unique characteristics and advantages. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Gable Boxes: These boxes have a unique shape with a triangular top and a handle on top, making them ideal for carrying food items.

  • Tote Boxes: These boxes are designed with a sturdy handle attached to the top, making them easy to carry and perfect for a variety of products.

  • Pillow Boxes: Pillow boxes are uniquely shaped with curved edges, making them perfect for small items like jewelry and cosmetics.

  • Mailer Boxes: These boxes are perfect for shipping products and have an added handle for easy carrying.

Materials Used in Handle Box Production

The materials used in the production of boxes vary depending on the needs of the business. Here are some of the most popular materials:

  • Cardboard: This is the most common material used for boxes due to its durability and cost-effectiveness.

  • Kraft: Kraft is a high-quality material that is eco-friendly and perfect for businesses looking to showcase their green credentials.

  • Corrugated fiberboard: This material is stronger than regular cardboard and is perfect for shipping and heavy-duty products.

Customization Options

Custom-handle packaging boxes offer a wide range of customization options for businesses looking to showcase their brand identity. These options include:

  • Custom designs: Businesses can choose their preferred colors, designs, and logos to be printed on the boxes.

  • Handle placement: Handle placement can be customized to suit the product being carried and the customer's convenience.

  • Size and shape: It can make to suit any size and shape, depending on the products being carried.

Designing Custom Handle Packaging Boxes

Designing handle boxes can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help you design your boxes:

  • Understand your brand identity: Your custom-handle printed boxes should showcase your brand identity through your preferred colors, designs, and logos.

  • Consider your product: The design of your boxes should complement the product being carried, ensuring the perfect fit and functionality.

  • Choose the right materials: Selecting the right materials is critical in ensuring the durability and safety of your products during transportation.


In conclusion, they are an excellent packaging solution that can benefit both businesses and consumers. The added handle makes it easy for customers to carry their purchases around, while businesses can benefit from enhanced brand identity and customer satisfaction. Custom boxes are versatile and can be used in various industries, including food, retail, beauty, and e-commerce.

When designing boxes, businesses should consider their brand identity, product needs, and customization options to create a packaging solution that meets their specific needs. Materials such as cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated fiberboard can use to create custom handle boxes that are durable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.




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